As a young boy, Lonnie Richard, spent lots of time helping out Grandma Richard in her small grocery store in Church Point, Louisiana. Grandma sold all kinds of Cajun specialties and enjoyed quite the following.

 Lonnie took notice of Grandma’s popularity and was wise enough to pay attention as she prepared everything from gumbo to boudin to smoked sausage. If it was Cajun, Grandma had a recipe for it.

As Grandma’s legend grew, so did the demand for her Cajun specialties. It got to the point where she had a hard time keeping everything in stock. Lonnie picked up on this and so, with Grandma’s blessing, he founded Richard’s Cajun Foods in 1981 with one delivery truck to help make Grandma’s products more widely available. Since then, many routes have been added and now anyone, whether they’re from Lousiana or not, can be a “true Cajun” any time there’s Richard’s on their plates!

In Louisiana, our passion and devotion for food borders, well, on the religious. And while many Cajun recipes are favorites, Richard’s Cajun specialty recipes and products are legendary. True Cajuns trust Richard’s to deliver 100% authentic Cajun tastes and help make every meal a celebration. Our product lines include smoked sausage, boudin, pork and turkey tasso, pork hocks, head cheese and a complete line of prepared Cajun Favorite entrees, that are Certified Cajun.